Viking Reenactment

Blodorn Cornovii


Viking Era Combat

Blodorn Cornovii are recruiting warriors to join our ranks in Cornwall
Looking for a new challenge? an opportunity to experience the heat of full contact Viking era combat and to forge new friendships around a camp fire?
No experience necessary just the willingness to fight with and for your new found brothers and sisters.
So if you’re interested in giving full contact fighting a go drop us a message for more information!

Huscarl & Eastern

Combat System

Different combat styles set the rules of the battle. They provide guidelines, add safety, and allow for a more focused fight. Blodorn Cornovii primarily trains in Eastern and Huscarl combat styles.

Eastern has fewer target zones, resulting in a good balance between attacking and defending. Eastern is our predominant style, and we use Eastern when fighting as a group (more than two people).

Huscarl has more target zones, requiring a dynamic and technical attack and defence. We use Huscarl for duelling between the more experienced fighters.

News and Upcoming Events

Glastonbury Abbey Medieval Fayre

The Glastonbury Abbey Medieval Fayre returns to the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey over the fourth weekend of April, 2023. Once again we are offering day tickets and full weekend tickets with the 2023 Medieval Fayre looking to be the biggest one yet.

Training Locations


Lanjeth & High Street Memorial Hall

Meet at:

Lanjeth & High Street Memorial Hall,
6 Coombe Rd,
Saint Austell,
PL26 7TL



Meet at:

Sticker Car Park,
Chapel Hill,
PL26 7HG